These People Would Be Dead If It Weren't for These Animals

Animals are a boon of nature. They are able to perceive things on a different scale than humans. Or maybe we have become so preoccupied with everything that we fabricated around us, that we forget the essence.

If you’ve ever wanted a pet and your parents said no, you might have a new reason to convince them with.

#1 Wille the parrot

Willie is an incredible little creature. One day, Willie noticed the baby in its house starting to choke even when the babysitter didn't realize it. He began flapping his wings and screaming "Mama, baby!" over and over.

Luckily, the actions of Willie saved the child. And he became the first parrot to win the Red Cross’s Animal Lifesaver Award.

#2 Inky the cat

Inky was adopted and brought from very poor health to extremely good health by the Kruger family.

Interestingly, one day, Glen slipped on the stairs when everyone was sleeping. He called for help, but nobody but Inky heard him. He told Inky to go get his wife Brenda.

Inky went over to Brenda's door and started scratching it, ultimately waking her up, and helping her discover her severely injured husband.

#3 D-boy the dog

D-boy was the cute name given to a rescued pitbull that helped her owner ward off an intruder.

D-boy attacked the intruder to prevent him from harming his family. But before the puppy could reach the intruder, he shot it three time including in its head. However, he was so disturbed that he left.

When the family rushed him to the hospital, they were able to save him. D-boy later received the Human Society’s People’s Hero Award.

#4 Angel dog

Angel is an extremely appropriate name for this brilliant animal. It saved it's owner from a cougar attack when they were unguarded.

The local constable had to be called who shot the cougar and later, its head was removed from Angel, who survived the attack.

#5 Mila beluga whale

Mila was a captive beautiful beluga whale that became an underwater heroine. Once, during a freediving competition, one of the divers was crippled by the cold waters. At this point, Mila understood what was going on, and helped the diver back to the surface.

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