The importance of exercising during confinement due to the Coronavirus

If you are at home like the vast majority of people due to the declared confinement in the homes to control the spread of the Coronavirus, it is important that you also think about your physical health. If you feel well, you need to plan some exercise routines to do at home.

In this way, you will be able to train your body, you will move the blood of your body, your heart will pump, and in general, your health will be strengthened while locked up at home for so many days. Being at home does not have to be synonymous with sitting on the sofa all the time. There are many things you can do to exercise during confinement with Coronavirus.

Youtube videos

Thanks to new technologies, you have the opportunity to follow YouTube accounts of personal trainers who upload their videos with their exercise routines. It is an ideal way to exercise from home and choose the routine that best suits you and your physical and health needs.

You can find routines and exercises of all characteristics, from the most intense to the mildest

You can find routines and exercises of all characteristics, from the most intense to the mildest. You will only have to find the one that best suits you. If you have been without exercise for a long time and without training in any way, then the ideal is to start with short videos to increase in difficulty and time as you find yourself more comfortable doing those routines.

Exercise with things we all have at home, like Pilates

If you don’t have weights to do weight repetitions, you can take a bottle of water or cartons of milk to be able to do between 10 and 15 repetitions. It is recommended to do this type of repetitions depending on the level of routines you want to follow. The ideal daily exercise is 30 minutes to an hour.

If you don’t have a mat to put on the floor, you can take a bath towel and fold it to put it on the floor as a mat. In this way, you can do exercises on the floor, such as sit-ups, planks, squats, etc. 

Exercise machines

If you have any exercise machine, the time has come to take out these machines and use them to your physical advantage. If you have a stationary bike, dumbbell, mat, or treadmill, then you have no excuse to be able to exercise at home.

You can create a routine with the machines and sports equipment you have in your home, and in this way, be able to exercise. If you have doubts about how to do effective training for your body and your health, you can speak with professional trainers that these days are being offered through social networks and YouTube to help all those people who need it.

There are always more options

If exercise is not your thing, you can always have other options to move. What matters above all is to move even if you are at home. It doesn’t matter if you have a bigger or smaller house, if you have a garden it would be ideal! Although not everyone is lucky to have an open space in their home.

You can choose to dance, go up and down the stairs of your house in case you have it, when you clean your house, do it to the rhythm of the music. Also, remember the importance of being in the sun for a few minutes a day!

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