Study: Are women or men smarter?

Much has been said about this topic, and in this article, we have set out to shed a little light on a controversy full of topics. Are men or women smarter?

Are women more skilled at managing multiple tasks at once, but less at reading a map? Without a doubt, men and women have different ways of behaving. A good number of theories have been proposed to discriminate differences between the sexes. These differences are frequently discussed based on brain dissimilarity; Here is a summary of these factors.

The human brain contains between 10 and 15 billion nerve cells called neurons, and a trillion synapses, which are the connectors between neurons. However, the brain works in a way that is still unknown to medical science, and therefore it is difficult to pinpoint how relevant the physical differences between humans are or how much they contribute to their behaviour.

The brain: small differences

Women have a slightly smaller brain than men (about 100 grams lighter on average). However, it is already known that size is not everything. Elephants, for example, have a much larger brain than humans, but as far as is known, no one suggests that they may have greater intelligence. And although the female brain weighs slightly less than the male, both genders have a similar ratio of brain weight to body weight.

Women have 4% fewer brain cells than men, which does not mean they use their brain capacity less.

Another important difference is found in the frontal lobe. This is responsible for making judgments, predictions, planning future actions and language. Women have more cells than men in this region.

The cerebral hemispheres

It is said that the cerebral hemispheres have clearly differentiated functions. The left hemisphere is responsible for analytical data processing, while the right hemisphere operates holistically, encompassing judgments with emotions. Men often have brains with the dominance of the left hemisphere; however, women use both hemispheres in a more balanced way.

The corpus callosum transmits information to both hemispheres. Women have a corpus callosum that is larger than men, which may explain why women score better on tests that assess the speed of thought and speech.

The limbic system affects our emotions and tends to be greater in women. Likewise, the greater information transmission capacity of the female brain between the two hemispheres makes the woman present a greater emotional sensitivity. The larger limbic system also means that they feel negative emotions more sharply, and that is why they are at greater risk of depression.

Grey matter and white matter

Information processing is carried out on the grey matter. White matter is responsible for connecting different parts of the brain, making it easier for us to perform various tasks. Women tend to have more white matter than men, while men have more grey matter. Smart, each in his own way.

The hypothalamus controls the endocrine system, which produces most of the hormones in the body. Regulates important functions, such as sexual, sleep, body temperature. In men, the hypothalamus is almost twice as large, and contains twice as many cells as the female hypothalamus.

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