Insane Truths About Coca Cola You Didn't Know About

We usually associate the big and powerful brands to be good. But many a time, that’s not the case. You probably know about the atrocities of Nestle – so let’s instead talk about Coca Cola, one of the biggest companies in the entire world!

#1 Cut-throat competition..

Coca Cola doesn't mind beating out their competition and make as much money as possible.

This is obvious from the cocoa leaves that they source from Peru, and some say that some of the U.S factories are still doing this. The issue with that is that coca leaves are almost entirely illegal around the globe since they are used to prepare cocaine.

#2 Thums Up is actually Coca Cola

After an unsuccessful expansion attempt into India in 1977, Coca Cola had to retreat since they booked heavy losses.

When they left, a company called ThumsUp started selling their own fizzy drinks successfully. Immediately, Coca Cola grabbed the opportunity to acquire ThumsUp, and see how profitable it is till this day.

#3 Campaign against water..

Coca Cola tried to campaign against water by something that they called H2NO. They coerced restaurants and other eateries to start serving Coca Cola rather than just drinking water.

#4 Leeching on to children

While there were some major changes occuring in our eating and drinking habits, Coca Cola made sure that they had all the demographics covered.

They started targeting marketing specifically to children making it cool to drink Coca Cola products at school. They did this aggressively, and by indirectly bribing many schools.

#5 Bogus medical claims

Coca Cola contains tremendous amounts of sugar. And even though it's obvious today that diet is as important as exercise, earlier it wasn't.

Coca Cola used to specifically pay scientists to say that the blame to poor health was not exercising. They wanted the world to know that their products had nothing to do with obesity.

#6 Had real cocaine..

Initially, Coca Cola had trace amounts of cocaine. This is ideally because the cocoa leaf has traces of cocaine alkaloids - which are used to make cocaine.

They only stopped because white people were afraid of black people consuming too much drug-filled Coca Cola and attacking them.

#7 Hiding health concerns..

Do you think it's ridiculous that drinking too much Coca Cola can kill you? Well, laughing too much can kill you - and it was really used as an ancient torture method. So think again.

Back in the day, when there was less propaganda, people would identify the Coca Cola addiction, and many deaths have been linked to it.

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Written by Nitin


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