7 Files Based On History That Are Also Accurate To History

We often watch films that are based off of books and get really annoyed when you know the movie made a diversion, or if it didn’t get something small right.

Now imagine how much more difficult it is to make something that is historically accurate.

This list of awesome movies does exactly that – which is also why they are an absolute must-watch!

#1 Saving Private Ryan

The history behind this movie was religiously researched before making any of it. This is why it got eleven Academy award nominations and won 5.

This is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. It also resurged the public interest in World War II.

Steven Spielberg went through a lot of trouble to make it as accurate as possible.

#2 Apollo 13

I'm sure you've watched this film. If not, you must. This is a legendary journey that most definitely didn't go to plan.

It talks about the Apollo 13 mission wherein the spacecraft exploded on route to the moon. 

The director ensured he got every detail perfect and even got historical transcripts and repeated them word-for-word in some sections of the movie.

#3 12 Years A Slave

A movie adaptation of Solomon Northup's memoir of the same.

This is a story of Northups kidnapping and his life during slavery. He spent 12 years as a slave fighting to get out back to freedom.

The film is tough to watch, and depicts realistic violence and cruelty as it occured back in the day.

#4 Lincoln

The makers of Lincoln were extremely meticulous about the depiction of the man himself - Abraham Lincoln.

They researched thoroughly and went through a wider range of historical sources. Many critics awards have respected the thought and effort that went into the personal character of Lincoln.

#5 Black Robe

This is the movie adaptation of a novel by the same name.

It is a story of some tribal people living in the colonies of modern day Canada.

The director and screenplay writer made sure to depict the indigeneous culture and dialogue as accurately as possible - making it more of a documentary than a movie.

#6 Gettysburg

This extremely long film (which goes on for more than 4 hours) breaks down the events of the famous battle of Gettysburg.

These events took place over three days during the Civil War.

Apart from tremendous acting performances and compelling writing, this movie earned multitudes of respect for its attention to detail and historical accuracy.

#7 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

A funny title, however a brilliant film. This movie talks about the demise of legendary outlaw Jesse James at the hands of his own crew.

This movie went on a unique path by focusing on what we know for sure about the infamous gang leader.

This adaptation won much praise from fans and critics alike, including two Academy award nominations.

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