5 Most Prevelant Serial Killer Couples In The World

#1 Raymond & Bertha – 20+ Victims

Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck were called  ‘The Lonely Hearts Killers’ after luring their unsuspecting victims through lonely hearts ads in the late 1940s. 

It is believed during their murder spree they killed as many as twenty women.

#2 Carol Bundy & Doug Clark – 7 victims

These are the infamous 'Sunset Strip Killers.' They are called that because of their sexually charged killings. 

Bundy and Doug met at a bar and soon after started living together as they shared their dark sexual desires.

#3 Fred & Rose West – 12 Victims

Look how innocent and of class this couple looks? Looks can be very deceiving. They met at a caravan park when Rose was working as a prostitute. 

They would often offer a ride to women hitchhikers and kill them after brutally raping them.

#4 Ian Brady & Myra Hindley – 5 Victims

This 'power' couple is known as the 'Moors Murderers.' They were active in England since the late 1950s.

They met at the chemical plant where they worked together. Here, Brady exposed his interest in committing the perfect murder. This was the beginning of their notorious criminal career.

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