15 Korean movies for an outstanding marathon

Korean movies are a great option to share your passion for the seventh art. Most of their stories are capable of taking you from infatuation to suspense or from action to crying; Also, their plot is extremely unusual to what Hollywood shows us, hence its success.

This is why Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s Parasites has become a worldwide sensation, and if you’ve been wanting more, you should take some time off to watch these 15 Korean movies. They are perfect for a marathon.

Train to Busan

A zombie virus spreads in South Korea, passengers aboard a train from Seoul to Busan must fight to survive.


Jong-soo, a boy, meets Hae-mi, a neighbour. Later, Hae-mi asks him to take care of her cat during a trip. Upon her return, she introduces him to Ben, a mysterious and wealthy man. One day Ben reveals to Jong-soo his favourite hobby, burning barns with people inside.

A tale of two sisters

After being treated in a psychiatric hospital, two sisters return home to their father, sister, and cruel stepmother. Upon their return, strange situations and appearances begin to happen, all connected to a dark family secret.

I saw the devil

A secret agent undertakes an act of endless and painful revenge after his fiance is the victim of a serial killer.

Memories of a murderer

Based on the true story of South Korea’s first serial killings, an Alzheimer’s killer tries to protect his daughter from her psychotic boyfriend.


Jin-Seok witnesses the kidnapping of Yoo-Seok, his brother; 19 days later, he returns home but does not remember anything. Jin notices Yoo’s strange behaviour and suspects that the one who has returned is not his brother.


The meat industry is in decline, and animals are genetically modified to continue production. Okja, a pig of dimensional proportions, and Mija, a girl from the mountains, are threatened by their friendly relationship when the largest meat producer of the moment discovers the animal and kidnaps it to increase its sales.

The silenced

Based on true events, the film tells the story of a case of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that occurred at a school for deaf-mutes in Gwangju, South Korea.

A taxi driver

Based on real events, a taxi driver from Seoul helps a German reporter cover the Gwangju Uprising in South Korea, 1980.


Do-joon, an immature and naive boy, is accused of the death of a teenager; her mother, convinced of her innocence, embarks on the search for the true murderer to free her son.

The Handmaiden

Sookee is hired to be Hideko’s maid, a Japanese heiress. Secretly, Sookee is involved with a scammer who claims to steal Hideko’s estate.


Residents of a suburb in South Korea begin to die from a virus, authorities quarantine the entire city, and chaos ensues.

The Man from Nowhere

The only connection of Cha Tae-sik, a former agent, with the world is his 10-year-old neighbour. The little girl’s mother works for the drug trafficking mafia and entrusts the merchandise to him. One day the traffickers find out, kidnap the mother and the girl, and only he can save them from death.

7 Kogustaki Mucize

Lee Yong-gu, a man, lives peacefully with his daughter Ye-sung. One day, Lee accidentally finds the body of a minor and is falsely accused of the crime, sent to prison, and sentenced to death. Ye is sent to a boarding school, and as she grows up, she studies law with the hope of releasing her father from prison.

The wailing

A police officer and his daughter are involved in a mysterious wave of murder and illness.

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