10 movies that will make you want to hug your mom tight

Beyond entertaining us, movies move emotions in us, evoke important people, special relationships, decisive moments, and invaluable lessons. They are the perfect excuse to remember everything good that we have in life, like our mother.

Here we share a list of movies regarding mother’s love.


Being a stepmother is not an easy task. Isabel, a successful photographer, begins a relationship with an older man, divorced and with two children who do not like the presence of the young woman and, along with her mother, will do everything possible to make life difficult for her.

Little Women

Four girls step into adulthood during the Civil War in the United States, a time when gender roles are highly characterized. They try to circumvent the roles imposed on women to exercise their individuality and find the strength to do what they are passionate about.

20th Century Women

Dorothea Fields is a single woman who never thought that raising her teenage son would not meet her expectations and that, on the contrary, with each passing day, he would get away from her. But with the help of Abbie and Julie, she will learn that children are just people like anyone.


Joey was kidnapped at age 19 on her way to college and, during her captivity, gave birth to Jack, who she tries to give as normal a life as possible even if they are confined to a small room. After seven years without seeing the sunlight, they manage to escape and now face an unknown world.

Lady Bird

Christine is a teenager who just wants to overcome poverty and her mother’s toughness to find her place in a world that keeps telling her that she is not good at anything. What she does not imagine is that her mother will be her greatest support.


Growing up with a wild and unconventional mother might seem like the worst thing that can happen to you when you want to live a quiet life. Charlotte will face an emotional war between the shame caused by the uninhibited behavior of her mother and her dream of becoming a nun.


Lu, a homeless and familyless young woman, is hired as a babysitter by an irresponsible and exhausted mother who just wants to be away from her baby. In an impulsive act, Lu takes the little girl to save her and turns to the only responsible woman she knows, her ex’s mother, unaware that she herself is fighting her own emotional battles.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Kaguya was found inside a bamboo stalk by a couple of old farmers. The baby grows abnormally fast and becomes a young girl who just wants to enjoy the wonders of nature, but her father forces her to become a princess.


When Christine Collins returns home after work, she realizes that her son is missing. After a frantic search, the police claim to have found him and return a child who is not theirs. But the department is unwilling to admit its error.

Where the Heart Is

Novalee is 17 years old, pregnant and has never had a home, but she is happy because she will start a family next to the man she loves, a selfish amateur musician who abandons her in a supermarket. With no one to turn to and with only five dollars in the bag, the young woman decides to live in the store until she gives birth.

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