The 27 Most Terrifying Things About Being At A Party

1. In order to talk to anyone, you have to constantly interrupt other people’s conversations.

Hope you all like rude people!

2. When you show up to a party and you realize that you’re seriously overdressed.

3. When there are only four people at a party, and all of them know each other way better than you.

4. When everyone you’re talking to decides to awkwardly go get a drink at the same time.

Oh, God, please don’t leave me.

5. Going to a “costume party” where you are the only one in costume.

6. Going to a party alone, and discovering it’s entirely couples.

7. When your host has terrible taste in music.

8. Not knowing what to do with yourself, so you go hide in the bathroom.

Great, now everyone thinks you’re pooping.

9. When the lock on the host’s bathroom door doesn’t work.

10. Discovering too late that the bathroom is out of toilet paper. Because NOW WHAT?!

11. That moment when you realize that you have been edged out of a conversation.

That’s OK, I’ll just stand here in case you need someone to make fun of.

12. When you introduce yourself to someone just as they say, “Nice to see you again.”

BRB, leaving universe from humiliation.

13. Avoiding everyone so you don’t sound like a weirdo, and realizing that standing alone makes you look like a weirdo.


14. When you keep going to fill up your drink, because it’s less awkward than standing alone.

15. Realizing you’ve forgotten your phone/security blanket at home.

16. Being short, and having every conversation literally go over your head.

17. Getting stuck in a conversation with someone who absolutely will not let you go.


18. Finally getting up the courage to dance, and realizing that you are being watched. And judged.

19. Walking in on an illicit hook-up.

20. When you’re flirting with someone, and their significant other walks up.

Why did I touch their arm? Now I have to be touchy with everyone to make it look normal.

21. Setting down your drink. Not being able to remember which one was your drink.

It’s the one without any diseases!

22. When you drink too much because you don’t know anyone, and then you become that drunk, creepy guy.

23. Being so sloppy drunk that you start knocking other people’s drinks out of their hands.

24. Suddenly having digestion issues at a strange person’s house.

25. Being too drunk to drive home, and having to sleep on a gross couch.

These stains look recent and troubling.

26. When you pass out too early, and everyone else decides to play Jenga with you.

27. Waking up the morning after, and realizing that you have no idea where your shoes are, whose house you are at, or if you are alive.

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