Going to buy some music later (fb)

Going to buy some music later (fb)

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19 responses to “Going to buy some music later (fb)”

  1. malaroo says:

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, chief! :3 Go troll somewhere else, you’re booooring.

  2. TheClimaxPunisher says:

    …What happened to minutes? O.o

  3. IrishBarBalm says:

    Streaming IS downloading. Oh and I’m so glad I have no data cap.

  4. serpentineminer says:

    oh, you know that’s not true. I’m still here.

  5. Imthedroidyouwerelookingfor says:

    What are you going to do if the internet goes down? I ain’t pulling out my old magazines.

  6. Jeebuz says:

    Steven is like a karma whore, but for Facebook. It could have been all in one statement, but no that’s not good enough.

  7. Coonz says:

    Commenting on your own posts = forever alone.

  8. tkms says:

    Internet cap? Why is this an acceptable thing now? :(

  9. serpentineminer says:

    also, you pressed at least three wrong keys in sequence, counting the space, skeetch. So you can’t count either.

  10. captainpoppy says:

    *free Mr. President, neckbeard.

  11. Revolution82694 says:

    Good Guy Steven

  12. malaroo says:

    The only thing I’m doing is replying to your pestering comments lol. You’re the one who (for some reason) thinks any of this is a big deal.

  13. malaroo says:

    Oh no, a typo. You might as well stone me right now.


    Suddenly porn = child porn. Makes sense to me.

  15. idislikecomingupwithuniqueusernames says:

    No, I finished downloading all porn years ago.

  16. malaroo says:

    We didn’t do the same thing, skeetch. I pressed a wrong key. He implied all porn browsing was something other than downloading. y so mad?

  17. serpentineminer says:

    serpentineminer: grade-a helper!

  18. serpentineminer says:

    it’s only ok when you do it, right skeetch?

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